League News!!!

It has been a busy summer with some much needed “back to normal” shooting time. IPSC Provincials, various level 1 -3 matches and Black Badge Courses kept the IPSC ranges hopping, along with Cowboy Action and BR-50 sharing the fun on the PPC range. Summer Silhouette had a slow start but look for Winter Silhouette […]

Steel Core Ammunition

This is a reminder that YOU are responsible for the ammunition you shoot at WCRA! We are seeing increased evidence of steel core ammunition being used on our ranges, this is absolutely not allowed and will result in the loss of your membership. The easiest way to check your ammo is with a magnet, if […]

100 Yard Range Closure

The 100 yd. Silhouette Range will be shut down as of Wednesday, October 27, 2021 for approximately 1 month. During this time there will be absolutely no shooting on this range. This is necessary to enable contractors to remove the existing shooting bench/roof structure, pour a concrete pad and walkway, and then construct a new […]


We are happy to announce that we are accepting new memberships online only!!! You can find the online application under Membership or https://wcra.ca/new-user-registration/ At this time only full regular memberships are being accepted. Associate memberships are not permitted at this time. The number of available applications is limited so act fast to get in before […]

COVID-19 Update July 16, 2021

As many of you have heard, the Provincial Government announced yesterday that effective Friday July 16, 2021 there have been revisions to the current COVID restrictions. Restrictions are becoming lighter, but same as before, there are some restrictions that do need to be adhered to; Up to 25 people can attend indoor gatherings and public […]

Site Overhaul

Hello Members! The site will be going through some growing pains and changes over the next little while, including: -Updates to the membership section, with the most up-to-date meeting minutes -Issuance of new passwords -E-mails that will forward to the proper contacts -More visual appeal If you have any suggestions or things you would like […]

Welcome Back!

Welcome to our new Website.  We will do our best to keep you informed regarding Club activities. 

Always Have Your Membership Card!!

All members are required to be able to present?a current membership card at all times while on WCRA property. Wear it on your person, pin it to your hat. If you cannot produce a valid membership card expect to be asked to leave the facility. If you are asked to produce a card, BE POLITE! […]

Club Safety

The Club Executive want to emphasize that safety is a primary consideration of all members at WCRA. If any member has a safety concern at any time please communicate the issue in one of the following ways: – immediately to a duty director if one is present – by email to “safety@wcra.ca” – by using […]