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BR-50 Match

Event Details

A FUN MATCH SET UP IN THE BR-50 RIFLE MATCH STYLE.  We do not have a proper Bench Rest system for 50 yd. shooting   We do have plastic top, folding leg tables that shooters can use.  If you have your own shooting table or bench, as long it is one person portable, you can use it.  If you need a crew or fork lift for set up…..sorry… will have to use one of our tables.

All targets are shot at 50 yds. Rimfire rifles only. No limit on rifles or sights.  Shoot as many sighters as you like, but it must be within the time limit allowed for that match.

Entry Fees:  Shoot as many targets as you want.  BR-50 Targets – $2.00 each.  Sniper targets (may be 1 or 2 targets) – $3.00 each

Relays:          Matches will be on THUR., range opens at 10:00, first relay at 10:30

Inquiries:      Brian: e-mail   <> for additional information

Important Notice – IPSC Provincial Championship

Please note that all club facilities will be closed from 8:00am on Sunday September 19th to Monday September 27th at 5:00pm for the IPSC Provincial Championship match.  Members of the club may spectate, but please note that parking will be extremely limited during the event.