League News!!!

It has been a busy summer with some much needed “back to normal” shooting time. IPSC Provincials, various level 1 -3 matches and Black Badge Courses kept the IPSC ranges hopping, along with Cowboy Action and BR-50 sharing the fun on the PPC range. Summer Silhouette had a slow start but look for Winter Silhouette to resume after the 100 yard range update is completed, hopefully for the end of November. Inter County (Bullseye) has resumed on Monday evenings with shooters slowly trickling back to the Indoor Range to compete against the other clubs. I encourage members to check out the various shooting disciplines offered at WCRA, its a great way to have some fun, meet your fellow club members and maybe find your next favorite shooting discipline. I would be happy to help you with any questions, send your email to pat@wcra.ca and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Patrick McGrath, WCRA Secretary/Communications Officer


If you are found to be shooting steel core ammunition on any WCRA range you will face disciplinary action and possible loss of your membership.