Waterloo County Revolver Association

Waterloo County Revolver Association

The ties that bind us are a passion for shooting sports and a belief that the WCRA is a special place. Dating back to the club’s inception in 1958, our shared legacy is of time spent with family and friends engaged in the activities we love.

Wide-Range of Disciplines

Waterloo Country Revolver Association is a multi-discipline handgun club offering various options for shooters of all experience levels and interests. Whether you’re interested in shooting an IPSC match, or simply want to spend an afternoon with your family or friends, the WCRA can accomodate.

9 Acres, 9 Ranges - Lots of Fun!

Our club is situated on approximately 9 acres in Wilmot Township near the south-west corner of Kitchener. We offer 8 outdoor ranges which include 5 action handgun ranges, 2 interactive steel ranges, a 100 yard range and a 25, 50, 75 and 100 yard range.

Membership Safety

In order to maintain the safety of our membership, WCRA must enforce strict rules surrounding the use of our facilities and ranges. As a member or guest of the WCRA, you have the responsibility to review, understand, and follow the rules of our club. 

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Waterloo County Revolver Association Rules

Outdoor Range Hours

Sunday 12:00 noon to dusk

Mon. to Sat. 9:00 am to dusk