Range #4a

Firearms Allowed:

  • Handgun
  • .22 Rim Fire Rifle

Ammunition Allowed:

  • Any LEAD bullets. They may be semi or fully metal jacketed, or coated with a soft material.
  • Single or combinations of soft materials like lead, copper, rubber, polymer, wax, etc.

Strictly Prohibited:

Any steel-core bullets. Any Incendiary, exploding, tracer, and armor-piercing bullets.

Targets Allowed:

  • Paper,
  • Cardboard, and
  • Steel reactive targets

Especial Requirements:

  • Minimum distance for steel is the firing lineĀ 
  • No rifle shooting on range
  • All steel to be shrouded

Approved Shooting Disciplines:

  • Steel Plate Rack

Approval Conditions:

No target placement on the range floor. All bullets must impact the backstop at midline or lower without striking the range floor. All targets are to be placed as close to the backstop as practical. No shooting at an angle greater than 45 degrees when measured from a line running between the shooters position and the backstop.

Club Rules:

  • Red flag must be flown while shooting
  • No Food or drink on the range
  • Mandatory eye & ear protection
  • No unauthorized photos or videos
  • Video cameras on site