Cowboy Action

We are proud to host Cowboy Action shooting competitions for shooters of all skill levels. Our Cowboy Action shooting competitions are a fun and exciting way to experience the thrill of shooting with historical firearms. We offer a range of Cowboy Action shooting disciplines, including Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA). Our courses of fire are designed to be both challenging and fun, and we offer something for everyone, from beginner shooters to experienced competitors. 

We look forward to seeing you at our next Cowboy Action shooting competition!

What is Cowboy Action?

Cowboy action shooting is the fastest growing shooting sport in North America with over 90,000 members worldwide registered with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).  It is a sport truly dedicated to the old west!

Cowboy action shooting entails of multiple stages.  Each stage has a shooting setting roughly based on an old west gun fight. The cowboy shooter engages targets in a known sequence using guns of the Old West such as single action revolvers, lever action rifles and shotguns.  Each stage is timed, and points awarded or deducted accordingly.

Key Features of Cowboy Action:

  1. Historical authenticity: Cowboy Action shooting involves the use of period-correct or replica firearms and costumes, and stages or courses of fire are often designed to simulate historical events or scenarios.

  2. Multiple firearms: Participants in Cowboy Action shooting typically use a combination of revolvers, rifles, and shotguns during a match.

  3. Costume and character: Cowboy Action shooting involves dressing in period-correct costumes and adopting a “cowboy” or “cowgirl” persona for the duration of the match.

  4. Safety: Cowboy Action shooting places a strong emphasis on safety, and participants are required to adhere to strict safety rules and protocols.

  5. Sportsmanship: Cowboy Action shooting is a recreational shooting activity that values sportsmanship and fair play.

  6. Scenarios: Stages or courses of fire in Cowboy Action shooting are often designed to simulate real-world self-defense or tactical situations.

  7. Timed shooting: Cowboy Action shooting involves shooting at targets within a specific time frame, and shooters are scored based on the accuracy and speed of their shots.

Upcoming Cowboy Action Events

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