WCRA Membership Information

WCRA accepts applications for regular membership from Canadian Citizens or Landed Immigrants aged 18 and over. They must be in possession of a valid Restricted Possession and Acquisition License (RPAL). All applications are subject to the approval of the WCRA Board of Directors; the submission of an application is not a guarantee of acceptance. Membership applications are available from the duty member at WCRA during supervised hours. The membership application is NOT available online.

Once accepted new members must complete a 6 month Probationary period. During their Probationary period members are required to attend the Club during supervised hours(See Home page) and obtain the signature of the duty member. The duty member will observe the probationary member to ensure they are shooting safely and in compliance with WCRA Range Rules and Procedures before providing a signature. As well the Club Safety Course must be completed during this period.

A Probationary Member successfully completing the probationary period may have 24 hr access to the WCRA facility once they pay the fee for a fob and gate key ($50).


Membership fees are due by May 31 annually. For new members joining during the year fees are required as follows: Join June 1st to Nov. 30th pay 1 full year/ Join Dec. 1st to May 31st pay 1/2 of a full year, plus the following year’s full membership.

2021-2022 fees

Regular Membership: $225

Associate Membership: $112.50


per member (waived with proof of membership): $45

Family: $80

Legal Fund (per member annually):  $5

Club Safety Course (one time fee for new members): $50

NSF/Late Payment of Membership: $50

NOTE: Associate members do not have voting privileges nor can they hold office within the Club. These memberships are only available to the family of a Regular member living in the same household.


A few words on the importance of volunteers to WCRA. This Club is an organization operated entirely by volunteers. Therefore, as a member, you will be called upon to help and support Club activities. The demands upon your time will be neither frequent nor onerous, but when called upon you will be expected to provide your time to help keep WCRA the excellent shooting facility we all enjoy.

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